Meet Luke

Who is Luke?

Luke grew up in the East End of Toronto in and area called East York. Growing up, Luke was able to connect with nearly everybody that he met on either a personal or professional level – it came naturally to him to engage others in conversation. Summer drives at night and outdoor basketball are some of the ways Luke relieves the stress of a busy Real Estate Market.

Why Real Estate?

Luke decided to get into Real Estate at around 17, but not for the typical “I want to retire in 5 years” variety of reasons that many Realtors now believe in. He started enjoying the concept of trading Real Estate by watching his parents buy a home – between the search for the perfect home, the walk-through of a perfectly staged property, and the thrill of purchasing such a large investment, he knew that it was something he wanted to facilitate as a career. The idea of being responsible for the purchase or sale of a real piece of property, a piece of the world is something that carried with it a responsibility that Luke has never taken for advantage – even to this day.

Early Years

Luke went to school focusing on a program that he knew would be valuable in his chosen career – Marketing. While at school, Luke began a separate education for his Real Estate License and obtained a license in his last year at George Brown. From there he went directly into Real Estate, applying what he learned and modifying it slightly to suit the needs of the task at hand, while at the same time learning new and more specific marketing that could be used to target specific consumers – and so The Fraser Listing Formula was born

Going Forward

Every week, Luke and his experienced team of Mortgage Specialists, Real Estate Lawyers, Stagers and Designers work together to help countless Buyers, Sellers and Renters find their place in the Real Estate Market, one property at a time. Whether you’re looking to get into the market for the first time and you aren’t sure where to look, or you’re a seasoned Investor looking for a Realtor you can trust, Luke Fraser has you covered!