The Fraser Listing Formula

Let’s face it, every home is different in it’s own way – that’s why you bought it in the first place! The Fraser Listing Formula is a comprehensive and strategic plan designed to get as many qualified and targeted buyers walking through your home as possible, and getting those buyers to put in Great Offers.

The Fraser Listing Formula is modified and customized for every property, based on the strengths and weaknesses of that specific property. Gorgeous kitchen? Let’s make that the focus of the marketing blast! Curb appeal needs some work? Let’s talk to some landscapers and see what they can do for us!

The Fraser Listing Formula focuses on four key parts of the listing process – each of which are crucial in it’s own way to the success of selling a home. The first stage ‘Prep’ focuses on getting the property ready for the market and preparing material that will help the Buyer make an informed decision about the property.

‘Blitz’ is the start of the Marketing Blitz campaign that will absolutely get the attention that your home deserves. The ‘Blitz’ Campaign is meant to get people talking about your home not just to their family, but their friends and colleagues – leading us to the ‘Buzz’ stage.

‘Buzz’ will get the property to the top of the consumer’s minds, and have them calling people they know who might be interested in buying your home – your home starts marketing and selling itself, which leads us into the last stage of the home selling process.

The sale of your home! Congratulations – you’ve become one of Luke Fraser’s many happy clients!